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  • Ferrari, Lamborghini and GT cars Track days
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Puresport offers to the owners of GT cars with more than 300 HP, a new product: the Puresport Track Day thanks to which, Purespot allows his clients and GT car enthusiastics, to drive on the track with they own GT cars, during exlcusive Puresport events and participate to free practises and track sessions.

In a dynamic and selected environment, you will be able to share your passion together with some others, who love driving on the track like you.
All this in an exclusive surrounding, without confusion and with all safety services and conforts necessary to have a great day at the Monza racetrack, characterized bypure driving passion.

  • High quality
  • Available services
  • Costs

In order to keep a high level quality of the service, and to reduce crash risks, Puresport limits the offer to a maximum of 10 cars per day, with the following advantages

  • Reduce the crash risk thanks to a maximum of 14 GT cars on the track( 4 Puresport vehicles)
  • Allow on the track cars with more than 300HP only
  • Create a reserved special area for GT customers in a selected and well organised surrounding.

  • Track use for minimum 4,5 hours
  • Open bar service with little snacks and soft drinks available all day long
  • Professional mechanics in case of damages
  • Technical equippment for managing the mechanical of the vehicles .
  • On-board video camera car.

Price includes 30 minutes with a driver at your side

On-board camera € 36 VAT included

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Drive your own GT car on the racetrack

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia

Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo

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