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Ferrari F8 Tributo Red Bull Ring

Driving a Ferrari F8 Tributo is one of the sport racing experiences that most resembles a real racing experience, the Red Bull Ring race track, of which special feature are its elevation changes as well as the unique views of the track they allow.

Number of laps

  • Drive a Ferrari F8 Tributo in Red Bull Ring with Puresport
  • Try a Ferrari F8 Tributo on racetrack with Puresport in Red Bull Ring
  • Laps on Ferrari F8 Tributo in Red Bull Ring with Puresport
Over 700 HP
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Red Bull Ring

Ferrari F8 Tributo is the new sports sedan that replaces the Ferrari 488 GTB, of which it incorporates the supercharged V8 engine, brought to 720 hp. Here we are over 700 HP : it represents the natural evolution in every respect. A model that was created to celebrate the iconic V8 engine of the Prancing Horse, the most powerful ever, and the maximum expression of this type of car of the House.
The Ferrai F8 Tributo is in fact a car capable of delivering exceptional power of 720 hp , of reaching a maximum speed of 340 km/h , of shooting from 0 at 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h in 7.8 seconds, to say the least breathtaking, from remaining "attached" to the seat .
Not only do they captivate the performance of the supercar, but also the very attractive design, with S-Duct at the front that combines cutting-edge technological, mechanical and aerdynamic configuration.

Every driving courses includes:

programme sample

09.00: Welcome, registration and staff introduction
09.15: Briefing and driving tecnique discussion (also for guests):
  • Driving position- braking
  • ideal trajectory.- acceleration
  • Car's tecnique and use of the paddle shift gearbox
  • Approach to the sports driving experience
Installation lap on a mini-van in order to see the race track
10.00: Getting ready in the car with an instructor sat next to you, starting the powerful engines. Driving experience in GT cars for the number of laps booked.
Driving certificate and celebration with a glass of sparkling wine.
The GT experience lasts about 2-3 hours including the time for registration and driving certificates.

Technical details

Engine type: V8 – 90° turbo
Capacity: 3902 cc
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: 2,9 seconds
Acceleration from 0 to 200 km/h: 7,8 seconds
Power: 720 hp
Maximum speed: 340 km/h

A special feature of the Red Bull Ring are its elevation changes as well as the unique views of the track they allow. Hermann Tilke, the world's most renowned race circuit designer himself, took on the task of designing the new Red Bull Ring homologized by FIA as "Grade A". The length of 4.318 km corresponds to the Grand Prix circuit during the period from 1996 to 2003. Two junctions on the racetrack allow for a separation into a northern and a southern track. The lower section (2.4 km) is also suited for major events and uses the main facility's infrastructure. The northern section, with a length of 1.9 km, can be used as additional space for events. A special feature of this racetrack is the difference in altitude (maximum uphill slope of 12 %, maximum downhill slope of 9.3 %). The inauguration of the racetrack was made in May 2011 and since then high-class racing events have taken place there thrilling the fans. The Red Bull Ring guarantees unforgettable driving experiences. Here, anything is possible – as long as it’s related to petrol, acceleration and adrenaline.

Experience restrictions

Hotels we recommend

MT-Hotel GmbH****

Hauptstraße 235
A-8740 Zeltweg, Österreich
Tel: +43 3577 22 2 22
Fax: +43 3577 22 2 22-410

Hotel - Gästehaus Steirerschlössl

Hauptstraße 100
8740 Zeltweg, Österreich
Tel: +43 3577 22601-0

Landhotel Schönberghof

Höhenstraße 1
A-8724 Spielberg
Tel: +43 3577 22630

Gästehaus Enzinger

Red Bull Ring Straße 18
A-8724 Spielberg
Tel: +43 3577 22630

Hotel Hofwirt

Seckau 3
8732 Seckau
Tel: +43 3514 54290

Hotel G'Schlössl Murtal

Murhof 1
A-8734 Großlobming
Tel: +43 3512 46 904-0

Hotel Schloss Gabelhofen

Schloßgasse 54
8753 Fohnsdorf
Tel: +43 3573 5555-0


The arrival time at the track will be sent to the client about 10 days before the event; in the same mailing, we also list the documents required to attend the track day for acceptance and signature.


The gt experience lasts about 2/3 hours, including accreditation of the participants, initial briefing, installation lap on a shuttle, laps as per booked program and driving certificates


If you choose "onboard camera car" service, video will be sent to your email address with a download link around 2 weeks after attending your experience.

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